Arun + Sheena | Santa Clarita engagement at the Poppy fields

Arun and Sheena’s Engagement Session is one of the favorites of the Denver Photographer.  The fields, horses, sunset, Aruns sense of humor, and the weather; we personally couldn’t ask for more.  Sheena, ready to shine in every picture, irradiating so much love and Arun with his amazing enthusiasm; both were genuinely interesting in participating and having fun with the photo shoot.  Arun and Sheena picked us up from our home in Encino and drove us to the Poppy Reserve after getting lost for a very short while :-).  We finally made it to our lovely friend Brenda’s house.  Brenda and her family were very welcoming and showed us the two beautiful horse Mr. Ed and gave us the 411 on how to treat Mr. Ed (we owe you Brenda!).  She also scouted a lovely spot in the poppy fields, as it turns out that the Poppy Fields are sometimes quite elusive but completely worth the journey.  It was breathtaking and not even the strong winds that day brought down our enthusiasm. We decided to work with Mr Ed, a mellow male quarter horse of a lovely cognac color. He was so docile and noble; really an amazing creature.  The light was perfect, the air was so clean, you could see it in every picture the love and we captured their amazing personalities in this Los Angeles engagement session. We were at the right place, at the right time and nature gifted us an amazing sunset with colors and a wonderful stage to photograph.  An unforgettable photo shoot that reminds us that photography is not just a job, but a journey, to meet people, explore nature and pause for that split second of time and realize how precious it is.